Sunday, May 31, 2009

Prince Harry and the "royal" family

I saw a picture of "Prince" Harry playing polo in New York. And while still working on a post about eating in Italy I thought it was time for a preview.

But first I wanted to make clear my thoughts about the "royal" family.

The queen--a pathetic, but pompous prisoner of the State.
Phillip--of limited intelligence, and needs a muzzle and a choke chain collar to go with his short leash.
Charles--means well, but looks absolutely desperate.
William--"the ugly but sensible one."
Harry--the village idiot, needs a DNA test to prove a relationship to the queen, but I think it just lovely how the royal family protects the virtue of Diana after her death.

Delicious Puledro Tartaro at
Antica Trattoria "al Bosco" Saonara, Italy


  1. Say, you look wonderful and very happy!
    Needless to say, wish I was there. Will come back to read your posts but that is beyond my current concentration span. Tessa tells me you had a great trip with lots of delicious food. Is that why you are so happy in this pix?