Sunday, May 31, 2009

Prince Harry and the "royal" family

I saw a picture of "Prince" Harry playing polo in New York. And while still working on a post about eating in Italy I thought it was time for a preview.

But first I wanted to make clear my thoughts about the "royal" family.

The queen--a pathetic, but pompous prisoner of the State.
Phillip--of limited intelligence, and needs a muzzle and a choke chain collar to go with his short leash.
Charles--means well, but looks absolutely desperate.
William--"the ugly but sensible one."
Harry--the village idiot, needs a DNA test to prove a relationship to the queen, but I think it just lovely how the royal family protects the virtue of Diana after her death.

Delicious Puledro Tartaro at
Antica Trattoria "al Bosco" Saonara, Italy